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Story Design and Construction is an award winning restoration company that has been involved in the restoration of homes for over 20 years. We have experience with Insurance Carriers and work with you and your adjuster to expedite the process of getting you back into your home.


We work closely with Insurance Carriers through Alacrity and Innovation, which requires us to pass a strict audit process, ensuring our credit is immaculate, that we carry insurance above and beyond the requirements set by the California State License Board, and our license is clear of even minor problems. In addition, we contractually agree to warranty all work for three years. These services are designed to expedite the repair of your home by eliminating delays resulting from multiple inspections. In addition, skilled field representatives from the Insurance Carriers can randomly re-inspect our work to ensure quality and superior performance.


Some advantages to selecting Story Design and Construction through this program are:

  • Experience

    • We are trained in working with both the property owner and insurance professionals to estimate damages within policy guidelines, which save time and allows for quicker repairs.

  • Performance/Inspection

    • Alacrity perform periodic inspections ensuring timely progress, quality and performance. This also allows Alacrity/Innovation to validate that only an appropriate amount of funds are disbursed to us, because funds are distributed incrementally.

  • Suppliers

    • Alacrity certifies our vendors and employees against criminal backgrounds. Additionally if we do not pay our subcontractors or material suppliers they cannot be on the program. This helps eliminate the need for you to verify that all subcontractors and material suppliers are paid during the building process, which, if not paid, could result in ‘liens’ on your property.

  • Funds Administration

    • Alacrity handles all distribution of funds to us. Therefore you don’t have to set up an ‘escrow’ account with your bank, which reduces the stress of administering and processing payments. In addition, before the final 25% payment is made, you sign a Certificate of Satisfaction (COS).

  • Questions/Concerns

    • You have a third- party (i.e., Alacrity) to notify if you have questions or concerns, and all issues are handled by Alacrity as a representative of you.

  • Claims Support

    • We work directly with the adjuster to estimate the loss, thus ensuring price and scope of work is agreed upon prior to work being performed, as well as verifying all damage is included in the scope.

    • If upon commencement of work subsequent damage is found, we work directly with the insurance company to supplement the scope of work, which alleviates you as the middle-man in managing the issues.



We understand that a major loss to your home is devastating; Story Design and Construction strives to maintain good communication with you and insurance company to facilitate the successful restoration of your loss. With this in mind, we have outlined some of the steps and processes involved:

  1. Story Design and Construction is contacted by the insurance carrier, or you, and informed of the loss.

  2. An appointment is made with you and/or the insurance adjuster to inspect the loss.

  3. You, the adjuster, and us work together to identify damages and agree on scope of work. This includes taking extensive pictures, creating dimensional drawings, and doing several walkthroughs of the property.

  4. If required, other professional services, such as foundation and roof engineers, are solicited to analyze scope and viability of affected areas.

  5. Any emergency work is performed by us, including but not limited to board-up, electrical, plumbing, barrier fencing, etc.

  6. Scope is entered into software by both adjuster and us to compute estimate.

  7. We and/or the adjuster will review estimate with you and agree on scope.

  8. Once the scope of work has been approved work can begin. A contract between you and us is signed and plans will be drawn for the local building department to obtain a permit. When the permit is issued, construction can begin.

  9. Upon completion of restoration, a Certificate of Satisfaction is signed by you. This activates your warranty.